The Falling Down—Off Your Stopped Bike—Presidency


Posted: Jun 19, 2022 9:14 AM

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Each Presidency in the modern era has its moment. That specific point in time when history and the future smacking into each other throw a bolt of lightening through time and space and define the man.

For *President Biden it knocked him on his keaster!

The symbolism couldn’t be more parallel.

Starting with the occasion on which it happened. Having already surpassed his 500th day in office earlier in June, Biden has taken more than 37% of his entire Presidency — on vacation. Nevertheless here he was again for the weekend — hustled away from reporters by the First Lady (presumably because he was yapping about things he shouldn’t) and then riding his bike out on yet one more “getaway weekend.”

The British newspaper The Daily Mail projects that at the rate he is taking the time off, if he were to serve to full terms, he will have taken off more than 1100 days. That’s more than three years of time off in an eight year

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