The EU, Desperate To Please Their Constituents, Is Ready To Send Them off to Battle

Ukraine’s ambitious attempt to join the European Union is a decision marred with short sight and poor policy considerations that sends the wrong signals to both our adversaries and allies. This decision demonstrates that, irrespective of turbulent pasts or wrongdoings, adversaries may become allies when it suits the interests of feckless policymakers.

This decision sets a dangerous precedent for the future and demonstrates to the world that our leaders care more about party politics than the people they govern. It is not a mystery that the people of the developed nations overwhelmingly support Ukraine, but it is also not a mystery that this burgeoning desire of every developed nation to align with Ukraine may culminate in losses that far surpass what was intended or anticipated.

Despite our desire to do what is right, we often act inappropriately. It is simple to see why Ukraine’s entry into the EU would be so problematic.

First, it may prolong the conflict. Russia, regardless of their power to follow through, has made it clear that anyone aligning themselves too closely with Ukraine will be held accountable. Whether or not these threats should be taken at face value, a powerful nation like Russia should not be

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