The Deep State v Roger J. Stone, Jr: A Cautionary Tale

My friend and sometime colleague Roger Stone’s sentencing is set for next week in Washington, D.C., and the circus surrounding it is already in full force. This case, or railroading as it is more aptly called, was over before it began. There was no way he was going to get a proper hearing in this venue, with this jury and especially with Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson and the nasty crew of Deep-State prosecutors on the case (well, formerly on the case since they all quit this week; butthurt because Roger actually caught a break when the President rightfully stood up for him). It is something that should bother all Americans terribly, regardless of how they might view Roger. Anyway. I figured now would be a good time to revisit the narrative and highlight the ugly, vindictive and indeed unconstitutional manner in which this thing has played out.

As a result of the ‘fake news” media blackout regarding Stone’s prosecution by Robert Mueller and the Department of Justice (DOJ), few Americans understand how and why the long-time Trump political advisor and loyalist was convicted for lying to Congress, how flimsy the case against him is and how he was railroaded in

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