‘The David Hookstead Show’: Sam Darnold Criticized For Not Being Vaccinated, LeBron James’ Lies And Exaggerations Exposed, Virginia Tech Player’s Murder Case Is Over An Alleged Catfishing, Jordan Love Is Improving, Aaron Rodgers’ Porn Company Offer, Netflix’s ‘Fear Street’ Trilogy Looks Outstanding

Welcome into the final episode of “The David Hookstead Show” this week, and I think I have a very fun one for everyone.

Today we cover the reaction to Sam Darnold not being vaccinated, LeBron James‘ lies and exaggerations being exposed in a great Twitter thread, Virginia Tech player Isi Etute allegedly murders a man after being catfished, Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul sell a lot of PPVs, Jordan Love is improving for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers gets a porn offer, and Netflix’s upcoming “Fear Street” trilogy looks outstanding.

Let’s dive into the final episode of the week!


NFL QB Gets Destroyed For Admitting He’s Not Vaccinated. Do People Need To Calm Down?

Incredible Twitter Thread Exposes LeBron James’ Wild Lies And Exaggerations

College Football Player Allegedly Murders A Man After Being Catfished. The Details Are Insane

Floyd Mayweather Fighting Logan Paul Sold A Ton Of PPVs. The Numbers Are Huge

Aaron Rodgers’ Replacement Is Now Dominating Minicamp. How Will Packers Fans React?

Aaron Rodgers Receives A Huge Offer From A Porn Company. Will He Take It?

Netflix Has A New Horror Film

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