‘The David Hookstead Show’: Colin Kaepernick Is A Bum And Definitely Not A Hero

The nonsense surrounding Colin Kaepernick needs to end.

On the Wednesday episode of “The David Hookstead Show,” I took some time to touch on the media hype surrounding the former 49ers quarterback, and I reminded people he’s not a hero!

In fact, he’s a bum with a long laundry list of making stupid comments. Watch me tear into his legacy and destroy the bogus narrative surrounding him below!

Do you agree with my comments about Kaepernick? Do you disagree? What did I get right? What did I get wrong? I want you all to let me know.

The Raiders might sign Colin Kaepernick, and it’s, frankly, disgusting any team would consider giving that bum QB a chance.

Colin Kaepernick spits on America’s legacy and trashes our brave police officers.

He’s a scumbag and should be treated as such. pic.twitter.com/nY8wdazmkl

— David Hookstead (@dhookstead) April 28, 2022

I’ll debate anyone to the end of the day about whether or not Kaepernick is a hero (he’s not).  So, let me know in the comments below what you think about his legacy!

The media wants you to believe Colin Kaepernick is a hero, but

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