The cure for senior loneliness? An alien caretaker


Brent Northup

“Jules” (PG-13)

At the Myrna Loy

“The Equalizer 3”

At the Cinemark

If “E.T” and “Moonrise Kingdom” had a baby, they’d name it “Jules.”

We all remember cute E.T. hiding in Gertie’s closet amid her stuffed animals – and sneaking a beer out of the fridge. The bicycling children of the neighborhood befriended E.T. and helped him get back home.

Well, a new cute alien, perhaps E.T.’s granddaughter, has returned. But this time Jules-the-extraterrestrial befriends a senior citizen who lives a rather lonely life in his empty house.

Milton, played warmly by Ben Kingsley, is a gentle 79-year-old widower who is a bit more forgetful than he once was. His fuzzy rambles can be hard to follow.

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So when Milton reports his news that an alien has landed in his yard, his story is greeted with exasperated eye rolls and condescending pats on his back.

Even Milton’s loving daughter loses patience with her “disconnected” dad.

What starts as a fluffy fantasy evolves into a touching portrait of the challenges of growing old.

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