The Coronavirus’ Final Fatality

It feels like millions of years ago. But, in fact, it was actually the beginning of this calendar year. It was January 2020 when House Democrats decided to pursue an obviously partisan impeachment attack against the President of the United States, Donald Trump. 

At the same time, nobody was paying attention to what was brewing on the other side of the globe, where tens of thousands of Chinese natives began to die at the behest of the Coronavirus.

Wrapped up by the intrigue of impeachment, a far more pressing matter went largely unnoticed. Well, to be fair, nobody other than Sen. Tom Cotton, who’s perceptiveness on the issue was – upon reflection – startlingly impressive.

The American people saw past the impeachment charade, and President Trump walked out of the ordeal with some of the highest surging poll numbers of his entire presidency. An ironic twist that must’ve had Nancy Pelosi keeled over at the time.

When the House elected to impeach, and the Senate to acquit, the news-cycle was finally ready to discuss the issue that would change our lives forever. The topic that under a year later feels attached to us for eternity. That being, of course, the

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