The clock has run out on Democrats' chaotic closing midterm message

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If there’s one thing we know for sure heading into these all important midterm elections, it’s that a large number of Americans are suffering every day. But enough about the people who watch The View. 

Let’s focus on the rest of the country where voters are taking a beating and Democrats have largely ignored their concerns in the homestretch and bet big on so-called right wing “Threats To Democracy.” If I were a betting man myself, I’d say this chaotic closing message is going to cost them big time on Election Night. Of course, I’m not gambling much these days because I take enough risks just by walking the streets of New York under Governor Kathy Hochul.

Here’s the deal: as you read this, Americans everywhere are being crushed by 40-year highs of inflation, crime is out of control, and we’re all in an abusive relationship with our local gas pump. The president likes to brag that prices are down since their peak, but a gallon of gas is still $1.40 higher than the day Biden took office. Translation: For the average person, the beat downs in “Fight Club” have nothing on “Fuel Club.”


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