The Chinese Haven’t ‘Woke’ Up Yet

I lived in the People’s Republic of China for about 10 years, but, recently, I finally got tired of it and left.  Regarding China, the country has certainly improved the material conditions of the masses in recent decades (mostly by theft), but it is still a very hierarchical, oppressive nation.  I lived through some of the continuing lockdowns, and they are indeed frustrating, irritating, useless, and despotic.  I couldn’t get into a hospital once unless I proved I didn’t have the Wuhan virus, that is, unless I could prove I wasn’t sick.  A hospital, mind you.  Even the cowered Chinese are getting tired of this.  To put it into perspective, there are basically two classes of people in China, “masters” and “slaves.”  The “slaves” are largely good folk, just trying to live a decent life like normal people everywhere.  The “masters” are, frankly, tyrants to a man and racist to the core.  Horrible people.  The worst I have ever encountered.  They would fit in well in the Democratic Party in America.  And visa-versa.  They are indeed the Democrats’ idols.

But more on that in a later article.  I don’t intend, in this essay, to analyze the Chinese psyche, except to say the Chinese people haven’t completely thrown their brains, or decency, out

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