The Big Give Results in Record Breaking Fundraising for UM

In late March, fans and supporters of the University of Montana dug deep and set a record in one-day fundraising for the school.

Director of Communications for the UM Foundation, Elizabeth Willey shared the news with KGVO.

“The University of Montana held its second annual Day of Giving on March 24th and 25th “, said Willey. “This is an online event that inspired UM alumni, donors and parents to unite and support students over a 24 hour period. The entire campus community united and celebrated and spread the word about this event, and encouraged gifts of every size from alumni and friends from all over the world. We inspired over 1,300 gifts totaling more than $280,000. Those totals made this event the most successful fundraising event of its kind in UM history.”

Willey broke down the giving that came in over the two day event.

“We got $6,000 for student success scholarships; those are scholarships that help students specifically with financial need,” she said. “We received more than $17,000 for our excellence fund, and $120,000 for school, college and unit impact funds. All of those provide campus leadership the ability to direct unrestricted resources where and when they’re needed most.”

Donors were also able to

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