The Biden Blame Game

The poll numbers are looking great for the Republican Party. After seventeen months of the toxic Biden agenda, Americans are upset and taking out their anger on the Democrats. According to a CNN analysis, the Republicans are in the “best position…at this point in any midterm cycle in over 80 years.”

The big problem for the Democrats is President Joe Biden. His poll numbers are akin to the approval ratings of President Jimmy Carter during his disastrous term. On the critical issue of the economy, Biden’s approval rating is 28%, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll. Overall, among Americans, his approval rating is a dismal 33%, This matches his all-time low approval rating.

Why are the American people so upset at Biden and the Democrats? When Biden was inaugurated, the economy was on the upswing from the depths of the pandemic and gasoline prices averaged $2.39 per gallon nationally.

Under Biden, gasoline prices have skyrocketed, reaching new records daily. The price has more than doubled since his presidency began. These increases have been driven by foolish energy policies such as canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, removing tax incentives

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