The Biden administration’s original sin of America on the world stage

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The world is tearing at the seams. Forces of evil and instability are on the march around the globe. But in Washington, President Biden has lacked the strength and focus necessary to protect our homeland and deter our adversaries abroad.

In the Middle East, Hamas massacred more than 1,400 Israelis and 33 Americans. Iran, Hamas’ primary benefactor and the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, continues to finance, provide training for, and authorize attacks against U.S. forces across the region. 

In Europe, Russia continues its brutality against Ukraine and is fomenting conflict in the Balkans and Caucasia, further threatening European peace and stability.

Meanwhile, China, the single greatest threat to U.S. national security, is rapidly expanding its military, threatening our allies and partners, and stealing billions in Americans’ intellectual property. 

Our homeland is already facing a critical security situation at the southern border. Now, the global security situation is swiftly reaching a tipping point that could draw the United States directly into conflict – a situation that no American wants. 

To avoid this nightmare scenario, America needs strong leadership, strategic investments, and a clearly stated set of goals and principles. President Biden has failed on each of

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