The Athletic Angry Because Texas Rangers Don’t Have Pride Night, Even Though 29 Of 30 MLB Teams Already Do

The Athletic … good outlet, but can we leave the politics out of sports?

“Pride Night” hasn’t done anything but cause problems for professional sports organizations across the board, with MLB being no different. In total, 29 of the 30 teams in the league have a Pride Night, with the Texas Rangers being the only one without one. And The Athletic — which is owned by The New York Times — is livid about it.

A writer by the name of Brittany Ghiroli wrote a piece for The Athletic titled, “The Texas Rangers are MLB’s only team without a Pride Night. That’s unlikely to change.”

Yeah, the same company that just did another round of layoffs, but let’s continue with this “woke” nonsense that causes nothing but lost profits and a divided nation — but what do I know?

Ghiroli was very slick with how she did this piece too, starting out with:

“This year, the Texas Rangers will have theme nights like Choctaw Casinos & Resorts Night – where fans who purchase a special ticket get a ‘reimagined’ Corey Seager jersey – and Harry Potter night,” writes Ghiroli. “They’ll have community nights, billed as ‘a chance to experience Globe Life

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