The 2022 Strategy That Stops The Marxist Left Cold


Posted: Sep 18, 2022 9:24 AM

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For about a half second the Republicans running for office in 2022 ran the risk of losing the midterms and thus avoiding what had looked previous to that point an unstoppable “red wave.”

In that same moment establishment types got seen looking like deer in headlights of an on-coming semi-truck. For that moment I felt a twitch that believed it was possible to lose, thus leaving the Marxists of the left unaccounted for.

It appears however that this won’t be the case with less than fifty days to go.

In order to insure what should be a natural midterm to balance power in DC, the top of the ticket must do two things.

Republicans must articulate America First policy with in-your face consistency. This shouldn’t be difficult, America First policies are what propelled President Trump to a big win in 2016, and the people’s representatives down ballot to big wins in 2020. The top of the 2020 ballot was fraught with enough questions about its

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