The 2022 Republican Platform: Economic Recovery, Border Security


Posted: May 09, 2022 11:40 AM

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A “red wave” is indeed coming in 2022. American voters—including Independents—are more likely to vote Republican in November, with crime and inflation emerging as two feathers in conservative caps.

Much has been written about President Biden’s paltry polling and the window of opportunity it creates for Republicans. But conservatives cannot rest on their laurels in 2022. Republicans cannot get lazy or inconsistent with their messaging. Picking the right candidates still matters, as does choosing the winning talking points.

On that front, Republicans only need to look back to 2016. That year, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton because he focused primarily on two issues: The economy and immigration. Economic recovery and border security became the two prevailing themes of the Trump platform. Six years ago, American voters overwhelmingly trusted Republicans to deliver on budget deficits, government regulations, and taxes. At the same time, the Trump campaign leveraged slogans

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