The 14 Best Places in Missoula to Take Visitors From Out of Town

Over the last few months, I’ve had a few different people come in from out of state to visit me in Missoula. And that’s always a great time, but it does put a little pressure on you when they arrive – what exactly are you going to do to entertain them?

Luckily, Missoula has no shortage of options on that front. I had a friend in town a few weeks back, and in that time we did some hiking, caught a movie at the Roxy, hit multiple breweries, and checked out the Field of Screams haunted maze in Victor, just before Halloween. It was a great few days, but the scramble to figure out what you and your visitor are going to do can be a bit of a struggle.

So we put the question out there on Facebook: where’s your favorite place in Missoula to take visitors from out of town?

As you might expect, we got a ton of great answers with a lot of variety to them, including a bunch I hadn’t even considered. So I’m all set next time the family arrives in Missoula and we need to figure out something to do! And hey, if you want to

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