Thanksgiving to Whom?

Merriam-Webster has announced it is adding about 500 new words to its 7th edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. I doubt most people will ever use them in conversation or in writing, but they will be beneficial when playing the board game.

Meanwhile, the corruption of the English language continues. Some words (and their usage), which might be better known than these new Scrabble entries, continue to be misapplied (a great 10-letter word) while pronouns and nouns are increasingly used in the same sentence, in violation of sound grammar rules.

One exchange that seems particularly grating – and doubly so, especially at Thanksgiving – goes like this:

Me: Thank you.

Person to whom thanks is given: “No problem.”

Why should anyone consider an expression of thanks a problem? What happened to “you’re welcome”? And why do so many spell the contraction of you and are as your? English teachers take note. I digress, but only partially (nine letters).

One definition of “thanksgiving” is this: “public celebration acknowledging divine favors.” The word implies an object to whom thanks should be given. In our increasingly secular age in which growing numbers of especially young people claim no belief in God, or are indifferent to Him, to

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