Posted: Nov 26, 2021 12:01 AM

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If you are a longtime reader, you will know my wife has lung cancer. It is not from smoking or radon or any environmental cause. When we first got married, due to my wife’s family history of breast cancer, she had a prophylactic mastectomy. Sixteen years later, having thought we dodged a bullet, doctors diagnosed her with a genetic form of lung cancer.

In fact, the day the Mayo Clinic called my wife, at roughly the same time, doctors were wheeling me into a cardiac ICU unit not expecting me to live. If I ever hear “the next 24 hours” again it will be too soon. What I thought was the downside of joining CrossFit and then presumed were allergies making it difficult to breathe turned out to be an incursion of small blood clots into my lungs.

We had a head-spinning 24 hours in 2016. But that is all in the rearview mirror now. My wife takes a small pill every day

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