Testing reveals over 6% of Carroll College students have COVID


Carroll College 

BMGphotos.com, file TYLER MANNING

Carroll College is reporting 68 new cases of COVID-19 since Oct. 8, bringing the college’s total number of active cases to 70.

The large spike in cases is largely due to asymptomatic testing that took place throughout the week of Oct. 12 at the college, according to vice president of enrollment management Chato Hazelbaker. Of these positive cases, one was a part time employee and the remainder were students. Of these positive tests, approximately 48 were directly identified by asymptomatic testing.

“Initially, we were focusing our testing on specific populations but have expanded that to include the entire student body,” Hazelbaker said. “We extended testing hours and the number of days we offered testing. Nearly all of our positive results this week are students who had no symptoms and went through our initial testing.”

With a total headcount of 1,123 students, about 6.1% of the Carroll student population currently has COVID-19. Hazelbaker said every day the administration is seeing fewer positive tests come back. On Friday, zero asymptomatic tests came back positive.

Hazelbaker said the college hopes that

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