Test your outdoor savvy with our Thanksgiving week quiz

If you live in an outdoorsy state like Montana, there are certain things worth knowing to improve your street cred. Or should that be dirt road cred?

For example, you should learn how to drive a manual transmission, just in case you have to steal a ranch pickup to flee the zombie apocalypse. Ditto with how to back a trailer, split firewood and – maybe most importantly – start a fire. In some situations, almost all of them bad, fire-starting know-how could truly be lifesaving.

In the interest of helping you be all that you can be, in an outdoorsy way, we concocted a test of general outdoor knowledge. Have some fun and quiz your friends and family over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Think you are woods wise? How about your friends? We created a small test to see how you, or they, do. 

Brett French

What should you do if you fall out of a boat while floating a river?

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Answer: Sure, trying to get back in

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