Terry McAuliffe Lies


Posted: Oct 14, 2021 12:01 AM

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Washington — Several years ago, while perusing material for my favorite department of “The American Spectator,” the Current Wisdom, I came across an obvious lie perpetrated by Terry McAuliffe, this season’s Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia. It was a pretty bold lie, too, and he was quite proud of it as you will see.

The Current Wisdom is a department of “The American Spectator” that includes quotations that are obviously foolish but rarely out-and-out lies. This time the quote in question was an out-and-out lie. It was also quite foolish, but more to the point it was a lie, and it was perpetrated by the future governor of the great state of Virginia who now hopes to serve yet again. His opponent is Glenn Youngkin, and he better be on his toes with this Democratic opponent who seems to be getting desperate in his race with Youngkin.

On page 58 of his 2007 memoir, “What A Party! My Life Among Democrats: Presidents,

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