Terrorizing Set of Behaviors Draws $50,000 Bond for Missoula Man

36 year-old Jason Simonetti is in the Missoula County Jail on $50,000 bond after being charged with two felonies; assault with a weapon and criminal mischief.

According to court documents Simonetti allegedly held a woman identified as Jane Doe as a hostage as he drove around Missoula slashing tires with a knife.

The female victim said she had ‘bruises all over her body from him throwing her around her apartment’.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Brandon Zeak explained why the state was asking for $75,000 bond.

“The state’s position as to whether or not bail was appropriate in this case was based on the fact that the defendant had a PSA level three active, which identifies the recommendation from the state that the defendant should be held with bail,” said Zeak. “That was based on the fact that the defendant had a criminal history dating back to 2016, which identified multiple dangerous crimes that he was convicted of including criminal endangerment, multiple failures to appear, theft and DUI.”

Zeak described the terror experienced by the victim throughout the day.

“The defendant exhibited clear danger to himself and the victim, and essentially is the state’s position from speaking to the alleged victim in this case that she’s absolutely

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