Terrence Roberts Sentenced for Attempted Kidnapping of Teen Girl

46 year-old Terrence Roberts was sentenced by District Judge Leslie Halligan on Thursday afternoon to 15 years in the Montana State Prison for the attempted kidnapping of a then-16 year-old Missoula girl, as well as for obstructing a peace officer.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mac Bloom addressed the court.

“On July 20 2020, Terrance Roberts attempted to kidnap a16 year-old girl by Brennan’s Wave,” began Bloom. “He used force and intimidation to commit this crime when he grabbed her forcibly by the arm and said ‘come with me’. He instilled a deep sense of fear within the victim and the jury issued a unanimous verdict of guilty to the offense of attempted kidnapping and obstructing a peace officer.”

Bloom asked Judge Halligan to impose the maximum sentence on Roberts.

“The defendant has had many opportunities to make positive changes in his life and has not done so,” he said. “At some point, he needs to be held accountable for his persistent criminal behavior regardless of the reasons behind it. The state believes that it’s recommended since 15 years at the Montana State Prison is fair, and even could be considered lenient in light of his extensive criminal history. Incarceration is necessary to protect the

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