Tennessee Baseball Player Evan Russell Suggests He Might Sue ESPN Over False PED Test Claim

Tennessee baseball player Evan Russell has left the door open to suing ESPN over the false claim he took PEDs.

Shockwaves were sent through the world of college baseball when ESPN broadcasters claimed live on air that Russell missed a game because he failed a test for PEDs. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

So, ESPN announcers decided to say Tennessee’s Evan Russell was suspended for PED’s according to “reports and speculation” and that the NCAA would now be testing the whole team.

Where is this report that stated this about Russell? pic.twitter.com/HnsG0GfciZ

— Trey Wallace (@TreyWallace_) June 4, 2022

The claim turned out to be completely false, and one of the broadcasters involved did end up apologizing and setting the record straight. However, Russell feels like the damage has already been done.

ESPN broadcaster Troy Eklund apologizes for his comments about Evan Russell on his broadcast last night. pic.twitter.com/XgJO77vlHI

— Ben McKee (@benmckee14) June 4, 2022

“You know, it’s always going to be a blemish just because it was out there on national television that people can make an argument, even if for some reason I end up playing, you know, 10, 15 years

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