TENNANT: Doctors Are Facing A Burnout Crisis

A year ago, during a news show rerun in the middle of the night, an ad came on, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. The voiceover said something like: “Using the skins of cranberries grown high in the alps, in the gardens formerly reserved for kings and queens, we’ve identified the essential oil that leads to long life, physical strength, and flawless memory. Our scientists have been working tirelessly for years and now it is available to the public for the first time.”

Then comes the low volume, fast speed rambling that protects them from liability, I guess. And then the line they must think really protects them, which I remain fixated on. “If you have any questions, please consult your doctor.”

I’ve been a doctor for years. So was my dad. So was his dad. Still though, maybe I’m slow because when I heard that ad and the consult your doctor line at the end, it was the first time I realized, wait a minute. They mean me.

Medical schooling has its flaws, but the public will be relieved to know they don’t waste future cardiologists’ time with cranberry extracts and other things found mostly in late night infomercials. Nevertheless,

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