Tell us who’s shaking up race, politics and policy in America

We created the Recast in 2021 to explore the deep, nuanced way that race shapes U.S. policy and politics. Then we launched our inaugural Recast Power List — featuring 40 key players and organizations who changed “business as usual” that year.

We profiled elected officials who positioned themselves as leading voices in their respective parties. Trailblazers who broke barriers with their appointments. Advocates who swayed elected officials or galvanized voters. And celebrities who advanced social causes or ticked off politicians with their artistic expression.

This year, we want to do it again — with your help.

The tides of power are constantly shifting, and 2022 was no different. The midterms brought us a divided Congress — and a Donald Trump reelection campaign announcement. States are now in charge of deciding abortion policy for millions of Americans. The first Black woman Supreme Court justice took her seat on the bench. Health care for transgender people remains under attack.

Which fresh faces are rising to prominence amid all this change? What established names are trying new, interesting ways to advance U.S. policy debates? If you have someone to nominate for our 2022 Power List, please fill out the form

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