Ted or Mike or Don or Ron…or Liz? Well, Ted Just Blew His Chances

Ted Cruz must have decided that either he didn’t want to be President, or he didn’t have a chance.  He has apparently cast his lot with the Democrats in support of the so-called “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act” (JCPA).  Big Media in a cartel with Big Tech.  Can ANYTHING good come out of THAT?  But Cruz said, “I’ve had extensive conversations with Senator [Amy] Klobuchar…”  Why??  Did he honestly think he could convince her to do something good?  Why are Republicans ALWAYS so incredibly naïve?   Ted, if you don’t want to be classed with hogs, don’t wallow with them in the mire.  Republicans in Congress should have one absolute rule: if ANY Democrat supports a bill, oppose it.  Cruz probably just flushed his Presidential aspirations down the sewer.

Mr. Cruz represents Texas, of course, and I’m a Texan.  He is one of the finest Senators the state has ever had, and he would surely be head and shoulder, and waste and knees and toes, above any candidate the Democrats put forth.  But Mr. Cruz has a peculiar bone somewhere in his head that causes him, on occasion, to do incredibly stupid things that leaves one scratching one’s head.

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