Team helped lead the charge to vaccinate Missoula


Pam Protheroe helps members of the public set up COVID-19 vaccinations at Missoula County’s call center recently. Call center staff said they’ve had people cry when they get their first appointment, and they sometimes help appointment seekers who seem lonely and want reassurance.

Katrina Arnold takes vaccination appointment calls in front of a white board detailing how many doses are available at all locations inside Missoula County’s call center recently.

Jordan Hansen

Nearly three months ago, the Western Montana All Hazards Incident Management Team began its efforts to coordinate COVID-19 vaccination efforts in Missoula.

Their challenge was to get as many shots in arms as quickly as possible.

The group’s 25 members came to be known as the Missoula County vaccine coordination team. They are based in Missoula, normally deal with

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