Team Biden just made the worst deal ever with Iran

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On the 22nd anniversary of the worst terror attacks in America’s history, the Biden Administration notified Congress that it had just released $6 billion of frozen assets to Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, and would release five Iranians detained in the U.S. in exchange for five American hostages.  We should all be happy for the families of these five Americans and be thankful that they are finally receiving good news about their loved ones – as Secretary of State, nothing was more rewarding than bringing home Americans held hostage in foreign countries

While our goal should always be to bring every American home, we must also negotiate to ensure we don’t incentivize the taking of hostages in the future. But this is the worst deal ever.  Paying for Americans wrongly detained by Iran will only make Americans less safe in the long run and provides more funding for the brutal Iranian regime.  These were lessons we learned long ago, but that Joe Biden refuses to learn.    

When Team Biden first announced it was working on this swap last month, it took great pains to emphasize that Iran could only

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