Teachers’ unions locked kids out of schools to get more of your money, not for safety

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Way to go, teachers unions! America’s school children were among the big casualties of COVID-19 pandemic policies. Shuttered schools and remote learning sank national math scores, slashed individual lifetime earnings, and stunted the economic growth potential. Once again, our children were political pawns in a game rigged by teachers’ unions and blue state politicians.

Learning losses from teachers’ unions’ pandemic policies dumbed-down our children, setting us on a road to fiscal ruin. A newly released study by Stanford economist Eric Hanushek discovered in an of 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores that “eighth-grade math fell for every state, with a national average decline of eight NAEP scale score points. . .[The decline was] enough to erase all of the gains that had occurred since 2000.”

Hanushek projected that learning losses could result in a $70,000 drop in lifetime earnings and a $28 trillion loss for the next century. Specifically, this downturn will affect states according to their students’ scores. Utah (-2.7 points) will fare better than Oklahoma and Delaware (-12 points); Texas (-5-7 points) will fare better than its bordering states (-7-10 points). “Without action,” Hanushek warned “not only will individuals in

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