Teacher Glenn Sacks: Trump demand that schools reopen endangers millions of students and their families

President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are endangering the health and lives of millions of children and their families by demanding schools around the country reopen for in-person classes as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

In addition, Trump and DeVos are using the pandemic as an excuse to intensify their war on public schools, public school teachers and teacher unions. They want the American people to believe that public schools do a lousy job and that teacher unions are only interested in fattening teachers’ paychecks and protecting incompetents.

The president and education secretary seem to believe the only way students can get a good education is to abandon public schools and enroll in charters or private schools.


When he announced July 23 that he is asking Congress for $105 billion for schools as part of the next coronavirus stimulus bill, the president said: “If schools do not reopen, the funding should go to parents to send their child to [a] public, private, charter, religious or homeschool of their choice.”

“If the school is closed, the money should follow the student so the parents and families are in control of

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