Tax Increment Financing revision bill tabled in MT Legislature (copy)

A controversial and much-debated bill that would have completely revised Tax Increment Financing programs in Montana was tabled in the Montana Legislature’s House Taxation Committee on Friday.

Senate Bill 523, introduced by Sen. Greg Hertz, R-Polson, would have removed school levies from the calculation of the tax increment and would have required a local election on TIF projects in certain situations. The bill passed the Montana Senate and Hertz added many amendments to the bill late in the process, but it wasn’t enough and the bill failed to get to the full House. The committee tabled it on a 13-8 vote.

As the bill was debated this session, it became clear to many observers that the Tax Increment Financing methods used in Missoula were the main target of the bill. Many proponents and opponents of the bill came from Missoula.

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On Friday, Rep. Dave Fern, D-Whitefish, said he didn’t want a bill aimed at Missoula to affect communities around the entire state.

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