Tammy Bruce: Why February 2020 will be known as the month when Trump was reelected

Editor’s note: The following column originally appeared in The Washington Times.

February 2020 will forever be known not only as the month when President Trump was reelected, but why that happened. Signs were everywhere that the American people had grown tired of being held in contempt by the self-satisfied political and cultural glitterati. For those still nursing their rage at Mr. Trump and his supporters, their very, very bad month has coughed up another reminder that they’re no longer admired or influential, and they have only themselves to blame.

Once again, Hollywood gathered on Sunday for the Oscar ceremony, their annual ritual of back-slapping and self-congratulations. And then the ratings came in. For anyone in Hollywood or the entertainment industry who remained confident that America still cared, they had another thing coming.

The New York Times headline blared, “2020 Oscars Broadcast Hit New Ratings Low …,” reporting a collapse of 20 percent in total viewers compared to last year and a shocking 31 percent drop among what’s considered the preferred “demo” age group of 25-54. In other words, it was the lowest ratings they received of all-time with 26.3 million viewers or about 6 million fewer than last year.


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