Swift: Welcome to non-spicy North Dakota, where this bland is our bland

Punchline: When they have to buy their second bottle of Tabasco sauce.

That’s the closest I can come to explaining our region’s relationship with spicy food, which hit the international spotlight this week after a tweet from a patron at a Fargo Thai restaurant went viral. Twin Cities visitor Jason Wittenberg’s tweet included a photo of a sign posted at every booth in Fargo’s Leela Thai, which read: “Spice level warning: Level 0-5. We will no longer issue refunds when you order your food spicy and can’t handle it.”

Not since Olivegardengate of 2012 has our state’s dining culture received so much buzz.

Some replies on this spicy thread mentioned that cashiers at Thai restaurants across the world will sometimes note “white people” on food orders so the cooks know to dial back the peppers and ginger.

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I would go so far as to suggest that they go one further and make note of “North Dakota spicy.” You see, while the rest of the world may operate according to the Scoville scale to measure the pungency

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