SUZANNE DOWNING: What ProPublica’s Crusade Against Conservative SCOTUS Justices Is Really About

ProPublica launched a partisan “investigation,” this time targeting another conservative U.S. Supreme Court member.

As if on cue, mainstream media outlets jumped on the bandwagon, relishing in the prospect of free content for their publications — content that undermines conservative jurists, and conservative lawmakers by association. This is purely political payback for the Dobbs decision of 2022. (RELATED: ‘Destroys Its Own Story’: Look What ProPublica Buried In The 73rd Paragraph Of Its Piece On Justice Alito)

The latest subject of the nonprofit’s assault is Justice Samuel Alito, author of the Dobbs decision, which sent the question of abortion rights back to the states, since the Constitution does not give that authority to the federal government.

Alito’s so-called transgression? A personal salmon fishing excursion to Alaska in 2008, which, according to ProPublica, was not duly reported in his disclosures.

This ProPublica trophy is a minnow in the sea of things about which Americans are concerned. It’s dragnet “journalism” reminiscent of ProPublica’s recent attack on Justice Clarence Thomas.

In that instance, the political action committee posing as a newsroom attempted to discredit Thomas based on the fact that a friend had purchased Thomas’ elderly mother’s home with plans to transform it into a

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