Survey finds higher earners in Missoula still struggle with housing

Even among higher earners in Missoula, a lack of affordable housing remains the top priority issue, according to the 2022 City-County Community Needs Assessment.

The assessment was administered throughout the city and the county from Oct. 10 to 28. It received 617 responses, representing every city neighborhood and outlying area in the county. 

The survey is used by city and county staff to allocate state and federal funding opportunities like Community Development Block Grants and the HOME Investment Partnerships Program.

Last year, the community needs assessment received about 800 responses. Presenters of the results Tuesday clarified the methodology used for the survey was not scientific. 

The need for affordable housing emerged as the primary issue facing the Missoula community across many different categories examined by the assessment. Likewise, the top two challenges indicated in the survey were a lack of affordable homes to buy and to rent. 

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The resources survey participants wanted most from local government included rental and down-payment assistance for low- to moderate-income renters and homebuyers. And both the housing development and economic development sections of the assessment called for increased supply of affordable housing.

52% of respondents indicated they were unsatisfied

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