Supreme Court strikes a blow for religious freedom in education

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The Supreme Court of the United States decided Tuesday in favor of families challenging a Maine law that prohibited them from receiving a state school tuition benefit because they chose to send their children to religious schools. The families were represented by Institute for Justice and First Liberty Institute.

The Court’s decision is a tremendous victory for parents and for religious liberty.

Some rural areas of Maine lack the student population sufficient to justify building or operating a public school. To address this, the state provides a tuition benefit that parents can use to pay for their children to attend the school of their choice—unless the school is religious. The school may be public or private, inside or outside the state—even outside the country. In fact, the state routinely pays for children to attend some of the most elite, academically selective prep schools in the nation. But since the early 1980s, the program specifically prohibited parents from using the tuition benefit to send their children to a religious school.

This wasn’t always the law, however. Religious schools participated equally in the tuition program for decades. But in 1980, the Maine Attorney General issued a now-discredited

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