Support Yellowstone County 4-H, Buy 20 Pounds of Fresh Fruit

Back in old-timey days, access to year-round fresh fruits and vegetables was a real problem, particularly in northern regions. Lack of vitamin C for periods of 3 months or more contributed to scurvy, a painful condition that resulted in bleeding gums and wounds not healing properly.

Thanks to the modern global supply chain, we’re now able to buy common and exotic fruits, pretty much year-round. Want a kiwi in January? No problem. Bananas from Mexico, India, or Brazil year around? You got it.

My family powers through the fruit. A bag of apples is usually gone in a couple of days. If you are big fruit eaters at your house too, consider purchasing a 20-pound box of fresh fruit from the annual Yellowstone County 4-H fruit sale.

Photo by James Yarema on UnsplashOrder now through February 25th.

Reach out to any Yellowstone County 4-H member to order the boxes of fruit or call the Yellowstone County Extension Office at 406-256-2828. Each box contains twenty pounds of fruit and your order will be delivered the second week of March. You can choose from the following:

Fuji apples (my favorite)US #1 naval orangesGranny Smith applesWashington Gala applesTexas red grapefruitD’Anjou pears

Boxes are $36 each.

Credit: Ralf NauYour fruit purchase helps 4-H

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