Support grows for school choice, parents' rights – even in progressive Oregon

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America is in the middle of a parents’ rights revolution that is quickly leading to education reforms and a groundswell of school choice support across the country. 

During the pandemic, parents were left with few alternatives to distance/hybrid learning, except for those who could afford to send their kids to private schools that were open. Many of the elected elite who forced school closures on us—and oppose school choice–are some of those very individuals who send their children to private schools. They don’t want to send their children to public schools but refuse to afford the same opportunities to other families, especially those in low income, underserved communities. 

These hypocrisies were on display for Oregon parents when their children were among the last in the nation to return to the classroom. 


We’ve seen the parent grassroots movement in several states as they push for school choice. Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia fought against school choice budget cuts. Arizona just passed a significant school choice expansion bill. Arkansas, Florida, and Georgia have passed various forms of legislation in the last year. Iowa incumbents against school choice lost to

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