Superior graduate to work as firefighter before attending University of Montana

Skylar Rispens

Recent Superior High School graduate Cassie Green is diving head-first into her love of science by working as a firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service this summer.

Green’s teachers helped foster her interest in science through chemistry, physics, wilderness science classes and many others. She also previously worked for the Forest Service for two periods a day during her senior year.

“It’s just super-cool how everything is just so dependent upon one another and I think it’s really cool just to learn about all your surroundings and how everything works,” Green said. “All of our teachers have done a really great job of preparing us to be great students and learners and always want us to stay curious and I think that definitely prepared me for college.”

Throughout high school, Green managed to maintain stellar grades with a rigorous course load full of honors and Advanced Placement classes while also being a three-sport athlete and active in many clubs. She already has 15 college credits — the equivalent of a full semester of classes.

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