Superintendent Arntzen Says Mask Mandates Don't Belong in Schools

On Tuesday morning, Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen appeared on KGVO’s Talk Back show. She answered several questions from listeners and also shared her thoughts about school closures in Montana.

“When our school doors are closed, when parents can’t even enter, and when tax payers can’t even walk in the hall or open the door because they are not wearing a face covering, that makes no sense to me at all,” Arntzen said. “I know my role as a constitutional officer. I am working very closely with our governor and our attorney general to make sure that our parental rights in Montana and our rights as adults are being upheld.”

According to Arntzen, we have over 400 school districts in Montana and they are all operating differently.

“We have some freedom loving ones that are out there with their trustees that are saying, ‘we are supporting our teachers and our faculty, our school doors are open, and they are open safely’,” Arntzen said. “Then we have some other ones that are acting under policy. I am going to tell you that I firmly believe that our constitution is stronger than those policies that have been enacted at that board level. I believe,

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