Sun Dresses, Tank Tops and Live Music Return to Billings Streets

Last week was the first time I got to enjoy outdoor music in Billings for well over a year and I didn’t realize how much I missed it. The steady “thump… thump… thump” of the drummer during soundcheck. The occasional feedback squeal of a hot mic. 1000’s of watts of power, blasting amplified guitars directly through oversized speakers and straight into your ears, heart, and soul. All while standing under the sun with fun people. For many people, it’s tough to beat.

Michael Foth – Townsquare MediaAlive After 5 is back!

Live music has returned, post-pandemic, and eager fans are excited to see outdoor street concerts back on the calendar in Billings for Summer 2021. The Downtown Billings Alliance announced last month a condensed schedule for Alive After Five, called the “2021 Small Batch Alive After 5 Series.” There will be only four shows. All are in August, with the following dates and locations:

8/5 McCormick Cafe8/12 Walker’s Grill8/19 Montana Brewing Company8/26 Tiny’s Tavern

All bands are expected to be announced soon, according to the DBA’s website.

Michael Foth – Townsquare MediaYou’ve got plenty of options for outdoor shows this summer.

Laurel will have their Rock the Block summer series this year. Much like Alive After 5, the

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