Students, faculty urge University of Montana to require vaccines, more masking


Governing bodies at the University of Montana representing students and faculty have passed non-binding resolutions urging the required use of masks in all indoor and crowded outdoor settings.

They also urge that students, staff and faculty be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Because the resolutions are non-binding, both the Associated Students of the University of Montana and the UM Faculty Senate are asking UM as well as the Board of Regents to take action. They also urge support from the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education and the Board of Regents to defend the policies in court if challenged.

The ASUM more specifically considered their resolution a demand for required COVID vaccines.

The faculty senate unanimously agreed to hold a special meeting on Tuesday to make a final decision on its resolution, as the group’s first meeting wasn’t scheduled to occur until Sept. 23.

The resolution received overwhelming support from the faculty senators, with only two voting in opposition and two abstaining.

“… (The authors of the resolution) felt that the matter is urgent enough that it warranted asking the senators to vote to suspend the rules and hold a special session,” wrote Faculty Senate chair Kimber McKay in an email

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