Student loans forgiveness a slap in the face to millions

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In light of the news that the Biden administration is debating student loan forgiveness, I’d like to tell you a bit about my college debt experience.  

Sitting in the financial aid workshop during college orientation at Northeastern University at 18-years-old, I was the only one paying attention. It’s not that I was particularly studious, I just didn’t have anyone to talk to and no phone to fiddle with. I had ended up at Northeastern because they offered me a half scholarship, and they had a study abroad relationship with the American University of Paris (AUP), my dream school that I declined to attend after an admissions officer gave me her frank assessment: An undergraduate degree from anywhere was not worth the amount of debt I’d have to take out in order to graduate from AUP. She recommended checking out her school’s sister schools, which is how I ended up at Northeastern. 

Sitting in the financial aid workshop, I had a realization: Even with the generous scholarship provided, I would still be taking out an astronomical amount of debt. I estimated my pre-tax take-home salary per month, then how much my loan payment would be

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