Strangers pitch in to rescue wiener dog stuck in Billings Heights drain pipe


Dachshunds are natural hunters, bred long and skinny to chase fearlessly into badger holes.

So when the long-haired dachshund Mocha, while playing in the front yard of her Billings Heights home Wednesday afternoon, saw a rabbit retreat into a nearby drain pipe she did what she was born to do, she dove in after it.

That turned out to be the easy part. More than 100 feet into the pipe and about four feet underground, she got stuck.

Mocha’s owner, June Brewer, said she’s a well-trained dog.

“But, when she gets on the scent of a wild animal, she kind of loses her mind,” she said.

She first tried to coax Mocha out with food, which usually works. But, not this time.

“We could tell pretty quickly there was no way to get her out but to dig,” she said.

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Rescuers lift the long-haired dachshund Mocha from the underground drain pipe she was stuck in. 

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