Stillwater County residents still reeling after crest of historic floods


STILLWATER COUNTY – Water gushed in icy waves over what once was a gravel road that gently sloped down to a home on the Stillwater River. A muddy water mark about two-and-a-half feet high on the white siding shows the severity of the historic flooding that crested in Stillwater County Monday morning.

It was about 11:30 p.m. Sunday night when Annette and Shane Zumwalt noticed the reflection of the moonlight in their normally grassy lawn. That’s when they knew the water had crept silently up to the house. Armed with flashlights, the couple stepped outside to find their horses up to their knees in water. It was all hands on deck to get the animals to higher ground.

The side of a house shows the high water mark following flooding Southwest of Nye on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

MIKE CLARK Billings Gazette

By 1 a.m. the Zumwalts hunkered down with their landlords, Kathryn and Van Wood, who live higher up on the hill. By then, the water level had risen at least another foot and a half. And

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