Steve Zabawa sued by his brother for $6 million in business dispute

Rimrock Auto Group owner Steve Zabawa is being sued by his brother, Michael Zabawa, in a dispute over more than $6 million.

The two had worked together for at least seven years for WebBuy, a company allowing buyers to purchase and sell vehicles online through a national network of auto dealers.

The younger brother Michael says he was unjustly fired and is owed the millions in unpaid bonuses, back pay, penalties, attorney fees and other financial contractual obligations. The lawsuit was filed in Douglas County Nebraska where Michael Zabawa lives.

WebBuy was founded in 2014 by Steve Zabawa and Tom Murray, who also recently left the company. Steve Zabawa’s son, Matt, is currently listed as the company’s vice president of products.

Michael Zabawa was WebBuy’s CFO and Human Resources director. In 2021, his business relationship with Steve began to erode, prompted partly by his claims that Steve was violating corporate policy. In the lawsuit, Michael describes Steve’s response to those challenges as “intimidating, threatening and hostile” and he has filed a separate harassment claim against him.

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