Steve Forbes: Pelosi's 'Medicare-for-all' strategy looks a lot like a big wooden horse

Never underestimate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Employing a strategy straight out of ancient Greece, she is quietly building a Trojan horse that could bring down our health care system, pushing us into socialized medicine and all the perils that would entail. Republicans must stand united against her clever, nefarious plan.

Pelosi realizes that “Medicare-for-all” as envisaged by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and a few other left-wing Democratic presidential candidates will not fly in the current Congress. It might be popular with the Democratic fringe, but most Republicans and even some Democrats understand that it would mean the loss of personal choice, multi-trillion dollar cost increases, and the surrender of our health care to bureaucrats and politicians.

Medicare-for-all would wipe out the entire American insurance industry, taking with it all exchange plans and all employer and union-provided health care coverage. Half a million U.S. jobs would be eliminated.


But Pelosi, ultra-liberal that she is at heart, still craves “Medicare-for-all” as much as anyone. She just knows she’s going to have to be tricky to get it done.

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Here’s the trick. She plans to offer up a plan portrayed as a middle-of-the-road compromise. It

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