Steve Bostrom: Words

Birding at Helena’s Regulating Reservoir, our guide asked us to close our eyes. By sound, he identified more birds than we saw. We heard doves’ soft coo-oo followed by two or three louder coos. The loud, excited series of 3-6 klee! notes came from the kestrel hawk zooming by.

Friend, this column focuses on vigilantly listening, not to birds, but to words we read/hear, especially God’s. We’re not eavesdropping, but almost!

Our culture stimulates our visual addiction. But, here we communicate with words. What a gift.

Words, words, and God’s Word

Still, some words are mere verbiage – yadah, yadah, yadah. And worse – in my next column, I’ll consider abusive words used in lying and slander.

But, here we marvel! God created heaven and earth by speaking words! And, he reveals himself by words! Jesus is called the “Word” made flesh! Marvelous/momentous!

People are also reading…

Other idols, “god-impersonators,” like the sun, moon, and stars – reveal themselves as they are, primarily as images. “Idolatry” compounds the Greek words, “eidolon,” “image” or “figure”, and “latreia,” “worship.” Like those addicted to the image they present on social media, we can worship what we see. Image attempts to dictate.

Still other ideological impersonal

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