Steve Bostrom: Lies and heart surgery

Steve Bostrom

In an article about abortion rights, Stonestreet writes: “Imagine you’re a nurse in an ER. Someone comes in with broken, bruised, bloodied knuckles. Bandaging their wounds, you ask: “What happened?” They reply, “This happened when I beat my partner.” Would you reply: “We really need to legalize spousal abuse and give people boxing gloves so that, when they beat their spouses, they don’t hurt themselves”? (5/17/22, Breakpoint, edited)

Reader, let’s move from physical violence to verbal abuse. Although words can be used for good, here we contemplate words promoting evil. Speaking evil, we wound others. And, like the bloodied abuser above, we also hurt ourselves. Nevertheless, Liz Scheier insists: “Sometimes, we believe liars because we like the story they’re selling.” (“Never Simple”)

God, help us.

Scripture and Lying/Slandering

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Scripture teaches: “Death and life are in the ‘power’ (literally, ‘hand’) of the tongue, those who love it will eat its fruits.” (Prov 18:21) “Tongues/hands” can heal and soothe. “Tongues/hands” also can be blood-stained/deadly. Friend, are you licensed for your concealed weapon?

“Jewish sages

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